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Ferra Designs is one of the top metal fabricators in NYC, located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. The owner, Robert Ferraroni, knew that the business he established in 1989 outgrew its brand. Suva was brought on board to help update Ferra's brand identity and build a new website to show the quality of work they were producing. We focused on their high-end commercial projects, highlighting Ferra's craftsmanship and attention to detail on a large scale. In addition to creating a new responsive website, Suva designed a new logo, a full identity system, and all supporting materials.

Ferra Designs Branding Logo Design
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Ferra Designs Logo
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Ferra Designs Web
Ferra Designs Web
Ferra Designs Web
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Client's Review

Elena Skroznikova Review

- Robert Ferraroni

President and CEO

"I did a very deep dive online to see various companies who have worked with different designers. I wanted someone who stuck out for their creativity and technical solutions. I came across SUVA and looked through their work, which I was very impressed by. When I interviewed them, there was a nice synergy and they really understood what I needed. They’ve handled everything, from the logo to the entire feeling of the website. They have an intuitive ability to understand what I’m looking for — they can easily turn an idea into something usable.

It’s very rare that I’m impressed with people professionally. People usually fall short, but SUVA always exceeds my expectations, are reasonable and fair, and we have a great partnership. "

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